DinkyURL takes a long, hard to read and paste URL and turns it into something, well - DINKY!


becomes the following when run through DinkyURL:


This is much easier to paste into an email or send via Instant Message

The easy method to using DinkyURL:
Drag this link to your toolbar: DinkyURL

Need something temporary to type into a tablet or smartphone?:
Drag this link to create a short 3 digit dinkyurl that is only good for 15 minutes: DinkyURL Lite

Then when you need a DinkyURL just click the link on your toolbar.
DinkyURL Lite will just put the link on your clipboard, so no need to copy and paste - it's already there.

The direct method:

Input a URL:

Props for this idea goes to TinyURL
I built this page because they were down one day and thought I'd write my own version
that stores things on my server. Feel free to use it.